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Employment Services

Thong working on a landscape jobThe focus of Community & Employment Services is to facilitate community participation and meaningful contribution through competitive employment. The services provided are based upon a person's unique strengths and preferences and are designed to provide individuals with personalized attention in accessing community support. We utilize the individuals themselves, their families and support networks to develop an individualized plan to find the best community job placement. A variety of strategies may be used to assist in reaching one's vocational goals. Once a career goal and vocational path are identified we will work with the individual to develop activities that meet his or her needs to secure appropriate employment.

In addition, we provide pre- and post-hire support and retention services to both the participant and the employer. We work in partnership with local employers to understand their needs and are available to provide additional training to the employee as needed to ensure success on the job. We continue to maintain contact and provide support as needed for the duration of the job and are available to provide additional services should the current job placement end. CES staff consult with job seekers to provide assessments, job development/placement, on-the-job training and follow along services. Services provided may include:

Assessment / Internship

CES staff will partner with individuals to gain an understanding of skills, interests, and environmental supports necessary for stable, long-term, gainful employment. Individuals are matched with an Employment Consultant who facilitates the creation of a plan that will outline the best strategies to gather the information necessary to find a good job match. Each plan is individualized and based upon interests and skills. Strategies used may include interviewing, job sampling, and classroom experiences.

Job Development /Placement

Employment Consultants work with individuals and local businesses to find or create a position that works for both the employer and job seeker. While we have many businesses that we work with, we will seek out employment opportunities that match individual skills and interests based upon the information determined in the assessment.

On-the-Job Training

An Employment Consultant assists in helping to determine tasks and the best training methods to ensure that the individual understands and is meeting the employer’s expectations. The duration of on-the-job training services depend upon the individual’s specific needs.

Follow Along

Follow along services provide on-going, long-term support and occur when an individual is employed in a competitive-wage job. An Employment Consultant will meet regularly with the individual and employer to provide assistance, education, and/or training as required to ensure stable and successful long-term employment.

For additional information, please contact (206) 592-3526.