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Job Seekers

Andy Highline College Community & Employment Services has over thirty years experience finding successful community job placement based upon an individual’s skills and interests. Our success rate tells the story. We currently support people who are gainfully employed through businesses such as Costco, King County, Lowe’s, Starbucks and many more. We create individualized job placement in all industry types and businesses in King County. Based upon eligibility, CES staff consult with job seekers to provide assessments, job development, and follow along services


CES staff will partner with you to gain an understanding of your skills, interests, and environmental supports necessary for stable, long-term, gainful employment. You will be matched up with an Employment Consultant who will facilitate the creation of a plan that will outline the best strategies for both you and Highline College to gather the information necessary to later find a good job for you. Each plan is individualized and based upon your interests and skills. Strategies used may include personal interviewing, job samples, and classroom experiences.

Job Development

Your Employment Consultant will work with you and with businesses in your area to find or create a position that works for you. While we have many businesses that we work with who employ our students and/or provide job sample experiences, we will seek out employment opportunities that match your individual skills and interests based upon the information determined in the assessment.

Follow Along

Follow along services provide on-going, long-term support and occurs when you are employed in a competitive-wage, community position. An Employment Consultant will meet regularly with both you and your employer and provide assistance, education, and/or training as required to ensure stable and successful long-term employment.

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